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            Welcome to the website of national and international award-winning writer Treena Hein


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TREENA HEIN B.Sc. (Honours Biology, University of Guelph) B. Ed. (U of Ottawa)

In addition to writing for a wide range of magazines, newspapers and more over the last 15 years, Treena offers editing services, contributes to several agricultural and manufacturing e-newsletters and websites, and writes speeches, news releases, reports and more for public and private clients. She has also served as a website news editor for two related magazines, managed business survey results for a national organization and served as associate editor of a business-focused magazine supplement. 

Treena has launched four historical walking tour adventures in her community of Pembroke, Ontario. In terms of other community service, Treena cleans local roads, donates blood regularly, has committed to bone marrow and organ donation, and currently serves as volunteer webmaster/writer for Minpinerie dog rescue group. In the past, she has twice served as a ‘Canadian Youth Business Foundation’ mentor and as a board member at the Ottawa Valley Historical Society. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, biking, working on two books, travel, watching the TV revolution, and cooking.